As the lighting designer and audio engineer for Dopapod, Luke is on tour around the country most of the year. But it wasn't always this way. DJ, Band Leader, Web Guru, Software Designer, Husband, and Uber Nerd are all titles he's adorned through the years. Would you like to know more?


From Lite-Brites, Lightsabers, and Glow-In-The-Dark stars, Luke has always loved things that emit light. He used to run around raves with a laser pointer. Now he travels the country with... well, a bunch of big laser pointers.


Maybe it was his dad's basement studio. Or the hordes of DJ and production gear in high school. Somewhere along the line, Luke got the audio bug, and he's been mixing (and scratchin') that bug ever since. His console of choice? A Midas Pro 2C.


Websites, posters, merch, even MIDI hacked lighting consoles: Luke's always putting things together in new ways.


After graduating from Berklee College of Music for Professional Music, Luke sang and played lead guitar in the Boston based jam band MONDO GECKO. In high school he played bass - both in orchestra and marching band.

His favorite musical group is Phish.


In the late 90's and early 00's, Luke made a name for himself spinning Drum & Bass at raves around Ohio under the moniker CHEWIE. Nowadays, you can catch ZWANG BANG & CHEWIE - a satire Silent Disco DJ project with Dopapod's Scotty Zwang - performing on the late night summer festival circuit.


Luke is an avid Yelper. In fact, he's almost always in charge of finding places to eat on the road - a task he simultaneously loves and loathes.

Favorite foods you ask? Pizza, Ice Cream, Pho and Sushi.


Luke's a huge nerd. He loves Science Fiction - especially Star Wars, The Matrix, and Aliens. He's also (not so) secretly convinced he has a wizard in another life. Or maybe in this life too... he's not sure yet. This year he became a hard core Seattle Seahawks fan - a move that still baffles his entire family.


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Luke now resides in Denver, Colorado with his lovely wife Barbie. They have two dogs - Yogi and Penny - and enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding... and binge watching Battlestar Galactica and Harry Potter.

They had a Lord of the Rings themed wedding.